Refreshing Images


Slide and Negative Digitizing

Years ago, slides were the standard for photographic quality and longevity.  Film negatives were also valuable, providing a (maybe-not-so-easy) method of obtaining duplicates of your original photo.


But slides trays and shoeboxes full of negatives tend to hide in the attic or in the basement, vulnerable to changes in humidity, temperature, and fungus, not to mention the difficulty of simply finding the uncataloged slide or negative in the box that's been hiding under the old sofa or prom dresses along with your old geography notes and the kids' first grade projects.


Let me help you preserve the most meaningful of those slides and negatives, the visual reminders of the countless stories and experiences that make up your own family's legacy.


Keep those stories fresh and accessible by digitizing your most important slides and negatives for permanent, searchable, non-deteriorating digital images.

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