Refreshing Images


Artists and Sculptors: 


Proudly represent your work with the best photographic images that you can provide, preparing for art fairs, exhibitions, promotional opportunities, increased sales, and even for acceptance to your own advanced training programs.


With the ever-increasing importance of online sales in the art world, it is critical that you give potential buyers the best means to evaluate your work.  


So for these reasons and more, make sure that the photographs of your artwork are up to the same level of your creativity, giving you the opportunity for wide exposure of your work's overall quality as well as excellence in detail.


Don't be blocked from important opportunities in your career due to sloppy or amateurish photographs.  Smartphones and point & shoot cameras are great for parties and snapshots of your friends and family, but don't make the mistake of thinking that an image on your phone's screen matches the quality of professionally-crafted photographs.


You will have unrestricted high-resolution image files that are printshop-ready for prints or posters, ensuring the utmost quality with professional lighting and uniform exposure, proper alignment, precise focusing, accurate color and color balance, with reduction and elimination of glare, reflections, and unwanted shadows. Smaller, web-ready image files are also included with your order.



Chuck Medani   410-456-9556

Watercolor courtesy of Deborah Wright, of Baltimore, MD, member of the Baltimore Watercolor Society

Pomegranate and Native American Girl courtesy of Cameron Shojaei of Baltimore, MD.