Refreshing Images


Old prints fade, become discolored, lose their contrast, and can be physically damaged by mildew, humidity, and other chemical and physical assaults.


If your family's pictures are showing their age, make them and their stories  come alive again with today's digital restoration techniques so they can continue to provide you and your family the enjoyment, memories, and the legacy of your own history.


Digital restoration will bring back your treasured print's contrast, color accuracy and balance, and remove spots and tears in a new print while leaving the original print unaltered.  The resulting digital file will have a permanence that is predictably much longer than than the original print, and can be reprinted again and again.


I will give your damaged prints the care that family treasures deserve while bringing them back to their original glory, and possibly even better! 


(Special Note:  Restoration of damaged photos was the basis for the name "Refreshing Images" back in 2004.)



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Photo Restoration

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